Handsome Man Zac Efron Once Had Crimped Hair—and There’s Proof

Rachel Krause
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Despite being blessed with criminally symmetrical good looks, which you’d think would have worked to spare him from any and all hardship, Zac Efron has seen some shit over the past decade. To summarize, he dated free-spirited Coachella fan Vanessa Hudgens for approximately five years, starred in several alarmingly sentimental romantic dramas, had his jaw wired shut after slipping on water from the actual fountain he has in his actual house, and was nearly arrested after fighting with a homeless man in L.A.’s notoriously dangerous, drug-addled Skid Row.

But here is where it all began: As Zac freely admitted last night to Jimmy Fallon and the world (so confident!) on “The Tonight Show,” he was once just an eighth grade boy with crimped hair at art camp. Why? Because women, that’s why.

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“Who is this guy and what happened to him?” Fallon asks after presenting photographic evidence. “It was just me and a bunch of [much] older girls, and they crimped my hair and I thought I was awesome,” Efron explained. “Anything they told me, I just said yes.”

“Sounds bad,” Fallon says. Then they both put on crimped wigs and everybody laughs.

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