Zac Efron Possibly Has Dreams of Joining a Boy Band, Because He Just Bleached the Tips of His Hair

Important question: What possesses a grown man to book an appointment at the salon, show up, and ask for the tips of his hair dyed blonde in 2016? We’re not sure, but if you really want to know the answer, track down Zac Efron, who did just that this week. Perhaps he’s been hankering to join a boy band, and thought this would be his, uh, golden ticket.

Or maybe he was looking through old pics of Justin Bieber sporting dark roots with blonde tips and thought, You know what? That dude looks pretty good. Or perhaps he just thought the gentle white-blonde would frame his face really nicely. Whatever the case may be, let’s be real: He was definitely heading in this direction already. Blonde highlights, which he’s had for a while, are apparently the gateway drug to full-on bleached-blonded tips.

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Efron debuted the new ’do with pics of himself visiting a preschool class on Instagram, hoping to distract us from his glaring hair with the cuteness of a bunch of little kids who didn’t seem that impressed with the actor, probably because they don’t really know who he is. “#tbt to when I graduated preschool,” he captioned one. “Srsly though, some days are meant to be and thanks to the ‘Smiling Sons’ class for reminding me what’s important in life. Just be yourself and play hard #hustlekindness.” And when in doubt, dye the tips of your hair blonde.