Yves Saint Laurent Auction: Pots and Pans Go for 15,000 Euros


Even Christie’s couldn’t predict just how valuable the belongings of late designer, Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Berge would be. The auction house estimated that the couple’s 1,100 plus household items would sell for between three and four million euros, but to their delight, they had already exceeded that amount with two days left of auctioning to go. Today is the last day for bidders to get in on the action, and we’re wondering what other coveted items will be big sellers.

In a surprising twist, Laurent and Berge’s pots and pans went for a whopping 15,000 euros, though they were worth only a small fraction of that price. Another big seller–one of the couple’s five-piece furniture set. If we had that kind of money to throw around, we guess a little piece of YSL’s legendary life to at to our own homes would be well worth the price–if not priceless.