Saint Laurent Finally Made Its Instagram Debut

High-fashion brands are often late to the party when it comes to all things tech, so it shouldn’t be surprising that in 2016, Saint Laurent has finally joined Instagram using the handle @YSL. Better late than never!

For its big debut, the fashion house shared a short black-and-white clip of palm trees moving in the breeze in L.A., along with the following caption, in all capitals: “SAINT LAURENT LOS ANGELES FEBRUARY 10TH 2016 SOUNDTRACK / PÅLLY / PARIS.”

Judging by the remainder of the feed, the brand is sticking with the black-and-white, all-capital aesthetic. The first post was soon followed by three black-and-white “musical portraits” (their words, not ours) featuring videos of various up-and-coming L.A.-based musicians, including singer-songwriter and producer Ariel Pink.

Although the first clip appeared just three days ago, the profile already has an impressive 195,000 followers, while following a grand total of zero accounts.

Saint Laurent isn’t alone among fashion types in adopting a better-late-than-never attitude toward Instagram: Donatella Versace launched her own account in December last year, and both Marc Jacobs and Alber Elbaz joined the platform in 2015.

You can follow @YSL right here.