YouTube Fashion Gurus: The Best Style Channels To Check Out Now!


Anna Saccone of ‘The Style Diet’.

Last week we looked at the top YouTube beauty stars who are teaching the world wide web the ways of great makeup, skin and hair. This week, check out the closets and lifestyles of some of our favorite gurus-in-the-making to score plenty of fashion tips from shopping to styling. Read on for our favorite (and stylish) YouTube channels!

William Sledd

Let’s be honest if you didnt already know that wearing sweat shorts on a day out was a fashion faux pas, well, then youre in deep trouble. But just in case you recently sported a pair of sweat shorts out of the house, tune into the Southern YouTube star William Heggs’ video channel for some fashion advicefast! Heggs, with his signature opening announcement hey bitches, spoken with a bit of a southern twang, has taken over YouTube with a viewership reaching up to almost 130,000 followers.

Anna Saccone – “The Style Diet”

Introducing fashion with an accent! Anna Saccone, the number one most subscribed Irish female on YouTube, discusses fashion topics ranging from how to elongate your legs to how to wear chunky knits. Her style (and gorgeous visage) have made her so successful that she was recently asked to participate in a promotional photo shoot for TJ MAXX. Saccone is also in the process of finishing her own book on fashion YouTube star to published author? Apparently anything really is possible.


Next is a video blog that requires a little more effort than just your fashion sense and wallet. ThreadBanger provides a network for people to create and rework their own outfits in a unique but cost-effective way. Yes, the concept of a thread and a needle may be a tad foreign to you, but youll see over time that Threadbanger’s videos are effortless, easy and just plain fun.

Bella Dawn “Dawndelrusso”

Author, boutique owner, buyer, celebrity stylist the busy just got busier. Professional by day and YouTube guru by night, Bella Dawn dishes her stylist secrets to those beyond her typical high profile clients. All you have to do is click on her YouTube channel and you’ll be dressing like your favorite celebrities in no time.

Bryan Boy “Bryanboyfabuleu”

Power blogger Bryan Boy may be known for his cheeky writing, but he’s quite the onscreen personality too perhaps buildling out his double threat cred? The svelte blogger has decided to share all the glory of fashion week with his fans via his YouTube channel.

“What I Wore”

In a glamorous attempt to bring runway style to the street, Jessica Schroeder brings the latest fashion advice to our screens. Tips range from how to look chic on a camping trip to how to dress like an elegant Mad Men gal. Best of all, the results are promising the message is usually easy to follow.


How many times have you found yourself showing off your latest shopping finds in front of your girlfriends? Fashionista509 takes this concept to the next level, showcasing her newest accessories and clothing items enthusiastically on-screen, in what YouTube likes to call “fashion hauls.” So if you’re curious to see what the fashion haul hype is all about, check out this fashionistas online blog for a little bit of affordable teenage glam.

MidWestern Front

Another blogger gone vlogger, MidWestern Front, blog editor and writer, has joined the YouTube hauling trend with a steady stream of uploads. Unlike our favorite upscale mags, which feature pricey items we can only afford to lust over, MidWestern brings us the latest fashion trends by introducing them at a manageable price point. Delivering both fashion news and haul videos with a a touch of wit, this vlogger’s definitely got what it takes to build a great fan base.

YouTube Beauty Gurus – The Makeup Obsessed Channels To Check Out Now