Your Ultimate Packing Guide: A Summer Road Trip

Lorein Abenhaim
Your Ultimate Packing Guide: A Summer Road Trip
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There are plenty of things to love about summer, but if you’re anything like us then vacations sit on the top of the list. While we’re all about jet-setting to exotic hotspots, there’s something organically special about a simple road trip. Whether you’re driving to a far-off beach, or following your favorite band across the country, road trips are a summer must.

After you pick a destination and gather your crew, all that’s left is the complicated task of packing. Considering most cars don’t come equipped with a built-in closet, the limited space forces you to be, in a word, selective. Don’t fret, we’ve done the dirty work for you!

Click through the gallery for some serious packing guidance for your next road trip and let us know: Where are you headed this summer? 

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From clothes to practical travel accessories, click to see our favorite picks for a comfortable and stylish ride.

You can’t go on a summer road trip without a classic pair of jean shorts! This J Brand pick is long enough to keep you comfortable for the drive and cute enough to repeat with various tops. You can’t knock a staple. J Brand Nash Slouchy Shorts; $130.90; at

Leave the Cartiers and Rolexes at home. For a road trip, stick to something more casual and fun, like these Swatch watches offered in a variety of colors. Maresoli; $120.00; at

Not only is this bag practical for any road-trip, each purchase provides approximately 28 meals for children and families across America. FEED for Target® Women's Large Tote -Burlap; $35; at

If you are road tripping cross-country for a music festival or even to explore America’s rural lands, chances are you’ll find yourself in a muddy spot. These Hunter rain boots are chic and will save you from trashing your shoes. Regent Savoy Riding Boots; $195.00; at

When packing for a road trip it’s silly and messy to bring a heavy bottle of liquid detergent. Instead use Tide Pods. Each pac equals one load, so travel freely into the outdoors, because cleaning your clothes just got a whole lot simpler. Tide Pods Detergent; at

If you're road tripping cross-country or taking a quick day trip, music is a serious requisite for the ride. This Apple device allows you to charge your iPod while it's also connected to your car's stereo system. You’ll be jamming all the way to your destination. Belkin TuneCast Auto Live; $69.95; at

While dresses and skirts are summer essentials, they're far from comfortable for a long drive. Instead sport these reversible hot pink/black Lululemon pants made with four-way stretch fabric. Wunder Under Pant *Reversible; $92.00; at

Snacking is part of the road trip package, but stopping to brush your teeth after a nosh session is not. Make sure to pack mouthwash to keep you feeling fresh and clean. Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh Rinse; $3.47; at

Take advantage of all the fun road trips have to offer with the Along the Way app. This app searches your route for popular spots to check out during your journey, so you can make quick pit stops without taking a detour. Along the way app; $2.99; at

Road trips are perfect for graphic tees. Throw on this cute concert t-shirt over a pair of shorts for the ultimate casual and chic look. 291 Concert Uneven Hem Tee; $53.60; at

Being summer, hot drinks are out of the question. To keep cold refreshments on hand, you’ll need this fancy tailgate cooler. Vulcan All-in-One Tailgate Cooler; $139.99; at

You may be in the car for hours at a time, but you’ll need something to keep you cool under the summer sun during your pit stops. A hat is key and this classic fedora adds a fun summer touch to any outfit. Bristol Fedora; $175.00; at

Polaroid film is a creative way to capture those special moments throughout a road trip. Impossible Instant Party Kit; $219.99; at

Sunglasses are a summer essential. While they're a splurge, these cat eye picks are perfectly girly and go with just about everything. Haley; $340.00; at

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