Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup


Everyone’s a-twitter over Chanel in Paris. Plus: Diablo Cody loves big-girl sparkles, MTVster Alexa Chung mentions her designer dad’s fascination with Miami Ink‘s Kat Von D, and NYLON (maybe) revealed a future cover girl.

RT @Modelinia: Lara Stone had a huge day! Chanel, Givenchy, and the August 09 cover of W! —

RT @dizzyblazeburg: Are these Chanel couture mullet coats?

RT @Grazia_Live: Yes indeed, set at Chanel is made of giant perfume bottles

RT @diablocody: Really enjoying Dance Your Ass Off. I love that the sparkly costumes are a total “f*** you” to the size-ist fashion police.

RT @alexa_chung: Dad perusing a Kat Von D book i just got given. he’s loving it a bit too much. just sayin’.

RT @NylonMag: Fun fact #2: Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl was just in our fashion closet!!! Ooh, wonder why 🙂