Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup


Stella McCartney gets naked, Dax Shepard comments on Marvel, and Sarah Silverman says something…interesting again. Refinery29 hates on Whitney Port, Henry Holland sulks about his age, and Lily Allen makes a joke. Danny Masterson ponders penguins, and Demi Lovato has a dark side.

RT @StellaMcCartney: The US launch OF STELLANUDE today!

RT @daxshepard1: Reading reactions to Disney buying Marvel. You’d have thought Old Navy bought Gucci, Hyundai bought Rolls, or GPC bought Marlboro

RT @SarahKSilverman: Watched a 7 year old boy torture a pigeon today in MacArthur park. It was the performance art version of my week.

RT @refinery29: It looks like anyone can get their line into the Tents this season, even Whitney goddamned Port.

RT @henryholland: I’m 2 years younger than Rachel Zoe. HML.

RT @lilyroseallen: People say I’m egocentric, but enough about them………

RT @dannymasterson: Did u know penguins can jump over 6 ft in the air? Me neither.

RT @ddlovato: I just pitched “Camp Blood” to the producers.