Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup


The Fashionista girls give us a Rodarte for Target preview heart attack, Russell Brand wants to improve your sex life, and Jessica Simpson muses about other cultures. The littlest JoBro apparently digs anime, P.Diddy scares us just a little, and Harley Viera Newton wants a baby alien. The Ting Tings heart Budapest, and Holly Madison is compared to Joe Dirt.

RT <a href="; target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Fashionista: rodarte for target peek!!

RT rustyrockets: Do you want to see some patented rustyrockets sex moves? They’ll extend your penis and your marriage.

RT @JessicaSimpson: sometimes learning the language in my head can be just as hard as communicating with someone foreign. alone time on flights get me everytime

RT @Jonasbrothers: Congrats to our little bro’ Frankie. His movie Ponyo came out today! Hope you can check it out and let us know what you think.

RT @iamdiddy: Today we will do Great things! Get ready to be GREAT people! We can do it! BELIEVE!!!

RT @harleyvnewton: LOVED District 9. I want that baby alien!

RT @thetings: budapest you rocked. 5 am call . goodnight x

RT @hollymadison: Some guy just told me that I was like Joe Dirt cuz I used to go hunting with my dad! Hahahaha!