Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup


Derek Blasberg takes a new family photo, Refinery quotes Uncle Karl, and Michael Bay wants a purified bubble bath. Cory Monteith learns a thing or two about fashion, Katherine Power lectures Sam Ronson on something called “Fashion Hero,” and Jess Stam gives sound life advice. Brad Goreski gets frisky, and John Mayer gives a link to a cheaper version of his just-released album.

RT @dizzyblazeberg: First Twitpic ever. Best family bonding ever. Me, Dad and Courtney Love: Yes, somehow (how???) my dad is a big fan.

RT @refinery29: “Retirement is not one of the topics with which I deal.Why should I? Chanel will still need some clothes when I’m 89.”–Karl Lagerfeld, Grazia

RT @michael_bay: Do they make a bigger Brita Filter? Because this is taking forevery to fill up my hot tub.

RT @frankenteen: A big thanks to the nice folks at Diesel in Yorkville, Toronto! pants that fit are a big plus, I am learning.

RT @KatherinePower: @samantharonson if they made something called “fashion hero” that’s the last thing I’d want to play on my off time. What’s wrong with you??

RT @Jess_Stam: “Success is like a bottle of perfume. Smell it, don’t sniff it and don’t drink it.” Alber Elbaz

RT @mrbradgoreski: @JessicaAmento i dont have a fly…i have buttons. you just got busted staring at my junk

RT @johncmayer: link to the $10.99 version. In fairness…