Your Tuesday Twitter Roundup


Andy Warhol joins the Vogue team, the sulk gives screenwriters some advice, and The Cut ponders about Lady Gaga. Pete Wentz is livin’ it up in Paris, Adam Lambert explains what “peen” is, and Kelly Osbourne is getting nervous about DWTS. Lo Bosworth is a bird, Ferras AlQaisi has an oral fixation, and Aziz Ansari was the cutest baby ever. Sam Ronson does not want kids, and Seth Meyers talks rabies.

RT @andywarholsays: Vogue wants me to be their society editor.

RT @thesulk: Note to screenwriters: People never talk to themselves in the mirror. Stop writing it.

RT @cutblog: Lady Gaga lands M.A.C. AIDS Fund campaign. Will she have to lay off the masks for a while?

RT @petewentz: Currently watching bridewars in french overdub in a hotel in paris alone- get jealous!

RT @adamlambert: RT @coreyschmorey: If you ever come to Holland (say yes), please be aware that ‘Peen’ is Dutch for carrot. You’d get a kick out of that.

RT @MissKellyO: good morning everyone i hate tuesdays i dont want to get voted off and if i dont i dont want to say bye to anyone else.

RT @LoBosworth: tweet tweet. tired little bird today.

RT @OhFerras: The stewardess just said “oral inflation tube”. Hahahahaha. Loooooves it!

RT @azizansari: This Halloween I used advanced CGI to be Aziz Ansari during the late stages of Benjamin Button Disease:

RT @samantharonson: Finally figured out what all my friend’s kids have in common and why i love them all so much, each and everyone of them: they’re not mine!

RT @sethmeyers21: Manu Ginobili had to get rabies shots for slapping bat out of the air. I rarely say this about rabies shots, but totally worth it.