Your Thursday Twitter Roundup


Chris Benz has the fashion flu,V Magazine had Heidi fever, and Kristin Chenowith recommends a new show. Kelly Pickler laments about touring, Paula Abdul has the hottest dressing room ever, and John Mayer pushes cereal. Jordan Rubin endorses Dunkin’ Donuts, and uh…Russell Brand likes yoga.

RT @cmbenz: Z-Pack #3 … And look *crazy* today … Hunting socks, Chucks, sweatpant cutoffs, cashmere thermal, navy blazer, Persols, and Yankees cap.

RT @ vmagazine: Heidi where r u??

RT @bradwalsh: – amber rose got nothin on me

RT @KChenowith: My new favorite show: “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.”

RT @therealpickler: So used to sleeping on my bus that I can’t sleep at home. Weird.

RT @PaulaAbdul: In my dressing room and Cyndi Lauper and Leona Lewis came in and asked if they could rehearse in here- as if I would mind?!?! I love them.

RT @johncmayer: Before Xanax, before Ambien, there was Cap’n Crunch. Over the counter. Safe. Non-habit forming. Scratchy.

RT @jordanrubin: Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is so good that I’d continue dating it even if it was emotionally distant and fucked my friends.

RT @rustyrockets:I’m gonna do yoga now- I’ll be so damn flexible I’ll be able to diddle me’self and save the women of NYC from a lot of needless bother.