Your Thursday Twitter Roundup


Kevin Smith makes his first-ever fashion commentary, Dane Cook is a religious man, and ummm..what’s Kim Kardashian doing?! Russell Simmons probably tweets from a bubble bath a la Rev. Run, Kathy Griffin gives A-List advice, and Courtney Love makes no sense but loves the Japanese. Alexa Chung is a Twit-addict, and Vincent Perini likes mechanical bulls.

RT @ThatKevinSmith: Holy shit! What a great, simple idea: put a picture of a normal-looking chick in Glamour. LOVE the little belly:

RT @danecook: I hollowed out the pages of a bible today & hid a smaller bible inside.

RT @KimKardashian Up early, heading to San Diego to have breakfast w my grandma MJ then spend the day with @Deepak_Chopra

RT @UncleRUSH: It is not by thinking IT that u attain IT. It is through Good works, resilience and faith that u find this “heaven on earth” or nirvannah

RT @officialkathyg: Ch 12: Nip/Fucked: Trust me, if you’re watching TV or a movie and you see a pretty lady over the age of seventeen, she’s had some shit done.

RT @courtneylover79: to be superstar pretty you need to possibltne half japaense or japanese but lok geijien, start submitting now or your frineds mega Japanese

RT @alexa_chung: oh god. need to delete this account but i can’t do it. i can’t jump!

RT @vinnawinna: Last night should have ended after the mechanical bull. Just for the record