Your Thursday Twitter Roundup


Fifi Brown lets it out that Alexa Chung can poledance, Peaches Geldof likes reading, and Mark Ronson sends a message to Mark Wahlberg. Alison Mosshart has a slight satanic streak, Ryan Gosling has laundry issues, and Bruce Starr has a few wise words on tweeting while intoxicated. Mark Hoppus shares a dream, and Rachel Zoe calls out Perez Hilton.

RT @fifibrown:@alexa_chung today was NAHT a pint sized hangover. Great pole dancing last night lady xx

RT @peaches_g:EXCITED FOR READING!!! Gonna watch The Virgins, Radiohead and Lightspeed Champion x

RT @iamMarkRonson:i just refreshed my page and just lost a follower. mark wahlberg, i’m looking in your general direction….

RT @alison_mosshart:I can’t believe I missed out on seeing my followers at ‘666’

RT @Ryan_Gosling:I just finished some laundry and I’m missing a sock. 🙁

RT @brucestarr29:Drunk tweeting is the new drunk texting. Oye.

RT @markhoppus: From a dream last night– Dude: “Hi, I’m Jim. I’m Korean.” Me: “But you’re a white guy” Dude: “I didn’t say I was good at it…”

RT @rzrachelzoe:Does being hateful ever get exhausting for u? So sad you made a career out of it. RZRT @PerezHilton: Is “dentist” code for Botox doctor???