Your Thursday Twitter Roundup


Daisy Lowe rocks safety pins, Dane Cook comments on Adam Lambert, and Milla Jovovich is a little poetic. Chrissie Miller wants to know where Waldo is, Mark Ronson tweets are super random, and Jim Carrey is unplugging from Twitter for a bit. Andy Milonakis likes naked chicks from the ’80s, and Jenny McCarthy rants.

RT @daisylowe: good morning! im already rocking my brilliant @princepelayo tshirt! its never too early for safety pins 🙂

RT @danecook: Adam Lambert sounds like Mario Cantone. They should do an album together. Their harmonies would sound like dueling fire alarms.

RT @MillaJovovich: It’s still dark. The fog is so dense as we drive, all u can c is the skeletal shadows of winter trees and streetlights shine in the distance

RT @chrissiemiller: Really, where the hell IS Waldo?!

RT @iamMarkRonson: Yes, nothing’s more christmas-y than a baby with the mental powers to paralyze people in funny sweaters.

RT @JimCarrey: hey friends. I’m officially unplugging for one week. I hope you’ll trip on the website while i’m GONE so to speak. b free. jc :)}}

RT @AndyMilonakis: What happened to those hilariously campy but high concept comedies about space travel and really hot naked chicks? 80’s movies are rad

RT @JennyfromMTV: Why do men like their own women to have “no make-up look” yet they will stare at the skank with tons of make up on who walks by?