Your Thursday Twitter Roundup


Henry Holland shops at Century 21, Glamour is skeptical about Selena Gomez, and Racked talks Choo. Corey Monteith is mad at Glee castmember, Chelsea Lately found the cause of swine flu, and Jhoni Marchino is afraid of the Kardashians. Lissie Trullie knows Ben Franklin and Tim Barber is in Amsterdam.

RT @henryholland: can i be bothered to go to Century 21 to back up the Rick Owens rumour…

RT @glamour_fashion: disney star selena gomez is the latest celebrity to get her own clothing line! would you check it out?

RT @racked: H&M’s instructions for how to shop the Jimmy Choo collab include “If there is a line, please wait in line.”

RT @frankenteen: hey, can you all ask @msleamichele why she isn’t following me on twitter? ’cause i think that’s pretty messed up. lol

RT @chelsealately: Reports that a game of beer pong caused the spread of a case of swine flu. I’m guessing it also caused the spread of a few other things

RT @marchinko: I have to be honest, I’m not afraid of getting the swine flu. I’m more afraid of bible thumpers, balloon animals and the Kardashians.

RT @UnTrullie: My new drummer Ben Franklin. (Yep, that’s really his name.)

RT @timobarber: Amsterdam? More like Prittygirlsonbikesterdam.