Your Thursday Twitter Round Up


Tweet your way to the top. Alexa Chung faces some of life’s most sincere dilemmas because most things look sucky on camera; Refinery29 refuses to believe Kanye won’t be interning at the Gap; Fashionista puts out an ad for SATC interns; Peaches Geldoff LOVES Fleetwood Mac; Samantha Ronson over tweets; capricecane tweets back and Britney Spears retweets Aunti Kimmie!!!! because Kourtney is preggers. What a day. Tweet us!

RT @alexa_chung: clothing dilemna..most things are made to look sucky on camera under bright lights. gone for french librarian look, authentic foot blisters.

RT @refinery29 Despite rumors, Kanye West is not interning at the Gap. We’re just going to ignore the facts on this one. The fiction is so much more fun.

RT @Fashionista_com Want to help dress the girls for the SATC sequel? Pat Field needs interns:

RT @samantharonson Because of my shit mood i am over tweeting. sorry- but this person’s page made me laugh and hate the world less. @capricecrane

RT @peaches_g Is it weird that I LOVE Fleetwood Mac? “The Chain” has the best bassline and echo-vocal ever! Plus stevie nicks resembles a crazy witch.

RT @capricecane @samantharonson Not gonna tell you how hot I think you are ’cause I don’t want Lindsay to be mad at me. I *will* say your tweet made my day.

RT @spears_britney_ RT @KimKardashian: CONGRATS to my sister Kourtney who is pregnant! I am going to be an auntie!!!! Aunti Kimmie!!!!