Your Old Easy Bake Oven Is Now Museum-Worthy

Jessica Rubin

No one said it better than Monica Geller when she complained that it’s “unreasonable to expect a child to wait for a light bulb to cook brownies!” Yet that’s what many of us did with our first Easy-Bake Ovens (although we did indulge in quite a bit of uncooked batter). FAO Schwarz, the dream toy store of kids (and lots of adults), is paying tribute to childhood gems like the Easy-Bake Oven with their exhibit celebrating 150 years of the store’s existence.

FAO Schwarz is highlighting everything from a first edition Ken doll to Razor scooters, which changed the landscape of Manhattan sidewalks. So think twice before you throw out your old Etch A Sketch or Play-Doh set, ’cause if they’re good enough for FAO Schwarz, then they’re good enough for us.

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