Your Heart As Your Sleeve: Dress How You Feel

Jessica Hoppe
Your Heart As Your Sleeve: Dress How You Feel
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When you wake up in the morning how do you choose what you will wear? Why not try to make each day an opportunity to express exactly who we are? And perhaps even take it a step further and show us how you are feeling using clothing as a language?

I’ll go first:

This morning I feel more myself than ever before so I wear sheer because I want to be seen. With my skirt converted into a dress and waistband now taut around my chest, I feel protected. Hiding my face under hair and hat, revealing allwith a skirt, I am a contradiction.

So try something with me today when you post your Daily Mirror. Dress exactly how you feel and label the photograph with the feeling(s) you are representing.

Let’s see you wear your heart as your sleeve.

The Look On Me: skirt/dress by Anarchy , Suede platforms by Dolce Vita, hat handmade by Barbara Feinman Millery , GAP Body shorts, cuffs my design.