Your Heart as Your Sleeve: Dress For a Dream

Jessica Hoppe
Your Heart as Your Sleeve: Dress For a Dream
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Perhaps some of you recall a question I extended a few weeks back:

When you wake up in the morning how do you choose what you will wear? Why not try to make each day an opportunity to express exactly who we are? And perhaps even take it a step further and show us how you are feeling using clothing as a language?

While I do like to stick to this method of dressing, I must confess on this particularly drowsy morning, the opposite occurred. Not quite sure what to wear I grabbed my ever-reliable chiffon maxi. Perhaps it’s the movement of the skirt but I always feel like I’m floating when I wear it—ethereal. The print reminds me of aVan Gogh and whenever I put it on, I feel transported into one of his dream-like worlds.

Wearing it today reminded of the first time—an evening that felt especially reminiscent of a particular painting of his,Starry Night Over the Rhone. While I was no where near the Rhone, I was actually on holiday at the Viceroy Palm Springs (one of my favorite places on earth) the starry night sky, the twinkle lights decorating the garden and the mountainous backdrop all reminded me of that painting.

So I did what I imagineVan Gogh would have done. I took those yards of gauzy fabric for a dip. And the result was well…dreamy.

Your turn: Today when you post yourDaily Mirror show me your best “dress for a dream” and label it with your inspiration.

Let’s see you dress for a dream.

The Look On Me: Pleated chiffon maxi byTopshop, cropped crewneck tee byAmerican Apparel, scarab beetle necklace byOrner forPaul Smith and cuffs my design.