You’ll Finally Be Able To Stream Every Single Beatles Song

Cady Lang
Beatles Music Streaming

Photo: Getty

Christmas came early this year, thanks to the Beatles. The original boy band confirmed today that their entire back catalog will be available for streaming on basically every single music platform, starting on exactly 12:01 am, Christmas eve — which means that by tonight you can be listening to “Yellow Submarine” on repeat.

The non-exclusivity for streaming platforms comes as a bit of a surprise following their exclusive digital download contract with iTunes in 2010, as well as the celebrity trend towards releasing on a singular streaming platform (hello, Tidal) or not at all (Taylor Swift, we’re looking at you.)

The Beatles entire discography will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Slacker, Microsoft’s Groove, and Rhapsody. Additionally, Beatles fans can follow along in real time on the Beatles’ official website to track the progress of the first-ever streaming of the Beatles’ work.