Who Plays Delilah in ‘YOU’ Season 2? The New Character May Be a Threat to Joe

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Photo: Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers for YOU season 2 ahead. New characters mean new threats to Joe Goldberg in YOU season 2, and Delilah is no exception. Who plays Delilah in YOU season 2? You may not recognize the actress, but rest assured, she does work as investigative reporter Delilah Alves who may or may not play a part in Joe’s fate at the end of YOU season 2.

The actress who plays Delilah is Carmela Zumbado. She’s starred in shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (as recurring character Denise Martinez), NCIS: Los Angeles and Rosewood. By far, it seems like YOU is her biggest role to date. Zumbado plays Joe’s neighbor and apartment manager. She meets Joe in the first episode when he tours her apartment complex. She offers him a unit on the first floor, but he asks for one on the second because it’s “quieter.” She also tells him that she can’t find him social media, which, if you’ve seen season 1, makes sense considering that Joe has a history of murder, abuse and violent behavior.

At first Delilah seems like a minor character in Joe’s life. Compared to Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend who arrives in Los Angeles to expose him for his crimes, and Love, Joe’s new girlfriend who seems oblivious to his stalking ways, Delilah seems like an outside character who isn’t as involved in season 2’s central drama. Don’t be fooled though. The character’s investigative background comes in handy, especially given that she just rented out a room to a closet murderer.

You, Netflix, Ellie, Delilah

Image: Netflix.

As an L.A. resident, Delilah investigates Hollywood and the wrongdoings of celebrities. She’s good at her job too, which viewers will see toward the end of the season. Delilah is also the older sister of Ellie Alves, a rebellious teenager who befriends Joe.

Other than a few shots of her on set, Zumbado hasn’t revealed much of her character on Instagram. “season ✌️ two,” she captioned a photo of her in April. “hey there Delilah,” she wrote beneath of a shot of her outside her trailer. Be ready Joe (and YOU fans), Delilah is coming.