Every Death We Didn’t See Coming in ‘YOU’ Season 2—Including This Fan Favorite

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Spoilers for YOU season 2 ahead. Netflix’s YOU isn’t for the faint of heart, as seen by the many, many deaths in the series’ first season. So who dies in YOU season 2? Much like the thriller’s first season, its second was also a bloodshed for several fan-favorite characters. But before we talk about which characters met their end at the hands of Joe Goldberg (or other coldblooded killers), let’s discuss what YOU season 2 is about. Again, if you didn’t see the warning before, spoilers for YOU season 2 are head. You have been warned.

The second season of YOU, which premiered on Netflix on Dec. 26, follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he moves to Los Angeles to escape the crimes he committed in New York (a.k.a. the death of his ex-girlfriend Beck and several others.) Joe’s other ex-girlfriend, Candace (who he also tried to kill) follows him to L.A., where she threatens to expose him for the murders he’s committed. While Candace is on his tail, Joe, of course, falls in love (or in Joe world—becomes obsessed) with a woman named Love, who is the cook at the bookstore-grocery-store he works at. As you may expect, Joe’s life becomes, er, complicated as Love and other characters unravel his secrets. Ahead, find out the characters who died in the crossfire.


You, Season 2

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To build a new life for himself in Los Angeles, Joe takes on the identity of Will Bettelheim, a man he meets in L.A. who he traps in his glass cage. Unbeknownst to Joe, however, Will is in debt to a man named Jasper. Jasper, who doesn’t know what the real Will looks like, tracks down Joe (who’s posing as Will) and threatens to hurt him if he doesn’t pay back the $50,000 Will owes him. When Joe realizes that he doesn’t have the money to pay Jasper, he takes him to his glass cage to show him the real Will. But Jasper doesn’t let Joe go. He then turns on Joe and tries to stab him, which leads Joe to take a knife to Jasper’s neck and kill him, making him Joe’s first death of the season. The episode continues with Joe chopping up Jasper and grinding his body parts up in a meat grinder before disposing of him in a dumpster.


You, Season 2

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Joe kills Henderson a few episodes into season 2, after he found the comedian’s stash of photos of underage girls he drugged and abused, including Delilah. At first, Joe plans to only torture Henderson and force him to turn himself in for his crimes. But after Henderson breaks free from Joe’s chains and runs up the stairs to escape, Joe accidentally kills him by knocking him down the stairs and breaking his skull. The rest of the season follows the investigation of Henderson’s death and who the killer may be.


You, Netflix, Delilah

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Delilah met her end in episodes 9 of YOU season 2, which revolved around the mystery of who killed her. At first, it’s assumed that Joe killed Delilah after he blacks out on acid and is next seen with blood on his hands. However, the end of the episode reveals that Delilah’s real killer is Joe’s girlfriend, Love, who slits Delilah’s throat after finding her in Joe’s glass cage and realizing that she plans to expose Joe’s secrets. Delilah, who was handcuffed to a table in the cage, was supposed to be freed after the timer on her electronic handcuffs went off and Joe was long gone from town. However, Love discovers her first. Once Love realizes that Delilah, Joe’s neighbor and investigative journalist, has information that could incriminate him, she takes matters into her own hands and slits her throat with a knife. The moment is also when the audience realizes Love is just as obsessed with Joe as Joe is with her.


You, Netflix, Candace

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Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend who was introduced in season 1, dies in episode 9 of season 2 after Love stabs her in the throat. The character—who Joe tried to kill years earlier by burying her alive in a forest—meets her end after she finds Joe in his glass cage with a dead Delilah. After Candace locks Joe in the cage, Love comes. Candace, unaware that Love is the one who killed Delilah, tells Joe’s girlfriend about his crimes and tries to convince her that he’s crazy. As Candace follows Love outside the room with the cage to drill into her mind that Joe is insane, Love turns around and stabs her in the neck. In Love’s eyes, Candace, like Delilah, has to die for Joe to be free.


You, Netflix, Season 2

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Forty, Love’s brother, dies in the finale of season 2 when Danny, an LAPD officer and Delilah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, shoots him in the head. Before his death, Forty is seen holding a gun to Joe’s head as he tries to convince Love that Joe is dangerous and a murderer. Seconds before Forty pulls the trigger, however, Danny fatally shoots him from afar. Danny, who is unaware of Joe’s crimes, thought Joe and Forty were in danger, and thus kills Forty, whom he also suspected as the killer behind the couple’s recent murders.