You Can Get Model Scouted on a New iPhone App

Kerry Pieri

Sorry Tyra, it’s way easier just to download an app rather than deal with smizing on America’s Next Top Model. The agency of Agyness Deyn, Select, is launching a model scouting app the first of its kind. Called “Model Potential,” a would-be second coming of Lindsey, Daria or Abbey Lee simply has to upload a photo, their vital stats i.e. height, weight and the like, and in an instant, someone at one of the UK’s biggest agencies will be assessing you.

Lonneke Broadribb, head of the men’s division at Select told Vogue UK, “Some people are shy so don’t drop into the office, others maybe don’t see their own potential so may not consider getting in touch with us. There are a couple of people who we really like the look of and will be inviting in to the agency and we hope that there will be many more. Successful music stars have been found through digital platforms like Youtube and MySpace – so why not the next face in modelling?”

You can submit on most agency sites, but this is a fun use of technology. I’m psyched for the day that a girl tells me she wasn’t discovered on the streets of Rio and instead that there’s an app for that.