New York Fashion Week: Spring 2013 Trend Guide

Liz Doupnik

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and now we’re left to sift through the many, many different trends we saw on the Spring 2013 runways and decipher which are the most influential for the coming season.

As designers continue to diversify their looks and the sheer number of labels showing during the week continues to expand, there are increasingly fewer areas of symmetry between collections. (Indeed, we joked after the week had finished that one could likely make a case for any trend one happened to choose.)

That said, there were a few noticeable currents running through the collections: Overall, the New York runways took a less colorful, print-heavy note than in seasons past — perhaps an indication of pattern fatigue in the marketplace — and ’60s influences were apparent in many different shows. There was also a good amount of leather in the collections, which might seem odd for spring, but which likely displays some retail-savvy considering that the first spring pieces typically hit stores in late February.

Baseball caps and harnesses replaced wide-brimmed hats as the It-accessories of the season, and slouchy, layered silhouettes replaced body-conscious lines.

Here, we round up 14 of the biggest trends we spotted on the Spring 2013 runways at New York Fashion Week. Tell us your favorite, and let us know if you have any nominations for trends we might have missed!