7 Yoga Moves That Will Improve Your Sex Life

Yoga isn’t just about making your body lean and lithe—though it will, if you do it regularly—it’s also about helping you feel great on and off the mat. And that “off” includes the bedroom. Yes, friends, a few minutes of yoga can vastly improve your sex life.

“Strength increases stamina, and flexibility increases range of motion,” says pro yoga instructor and massage therapist Ilana Berman. “Holding ourselves in yoga positions creates a dynamic relationship with gravity, literally giving our bodies more ways of moving with comfort, ease, and pleasure.”

And there’s more to it than just getting stronger and more flexible—there’s an emotional component, too. “Yoga can definitely improve your sex life in more subtle ways,” says pro yoga instructor Emma G. Silverman, author of The Joy of Yoga“Yoga teaches us introspection and how to be in the moment. Sex can be so much better when you’re fully present and know enough about your body to ask for what you need.”

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Here are seven poses these two yogis suggest for giving you serious moves between the sheets.




This move, in which you arch your back in both directions, is great for making your spine more flexible—which will in turn make it easier to move basically every body part—according to Silverman.

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This pose strengthens the back of the core, says Berman, a great thing for all kinds of positions in bed. “I have a friend who comes every time she does this move,” says Berman.




This move strengthens various muscles that you’ll also use during sex (if you couldn’t tell from how it looks), including the glutes, legs, and back muscles, says Silverman.

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Reclining Bound Angle

This move, also called reclining bound angle pose, is considered restorative yoga, which is amazing for sex, per Berman. “It helps us calm down, move into rest, and digest,” she says. “Especially for women, its vital to feel relaxed and safe to be present in your body during sex.”




This wide-legged squat “is a serious hip opener,” says Silverman. Done regularly, it’ll give you the ability to put your legs in all kinds of positions you might not have been able to.

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Tree pose helps you improve your balance. That can’t hurt, says Silverman, especially if you’re looking to try some more adventurous moves.




Ah, the move most people look forward to the most at the end of every yoga class: Savasana, otherwise known as lying down. “As I mentioned, relaxation is one of the most important parts of yoga,” says Berman. “Give yourself permission to do nothing and just receive.” During yoga and during sex!

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