Yikes: Zara Apologizes For T-Shirt That Looks Like Nazi Camp Uniform

Leah Bourne

After an legitimate—and understandable—uproar on social media, Spain-based fast fashion retailer Zara has decided to discontinue a T-shirt called the “Sheriff,” that looks a heck of a lot like a Nazi concentration camp uniform. Yikes.

The shirt, designed for children, features dark horizontal stripes, and a large six-pointed yellow star, closely resembling the uniforms Jews and others were forced to wear in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Following the release of the shirt, many took to social media platforms like Twitter decrying the piece (pictured above) to be—at worst—a sign of anti-Semitism, or at best, a highly insensitive move by the retailer, which is owned by billion-dollar company Intidex. One person wrote of the Zara shirt on Twitter: “Complete fashion fail.” “What were they thinking?’’ asked the Israeli news site, Haaretz.
The top, before it was pulled from the shelves, was sold in Zara’s Albanian, French, Israeli, and Swedish online stores. It was removed on Wednesday hours after it went on sale.

“Zara has issued a heartfelt apology on its social network profiles,” Inditex said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. “The items will be reliably destroyed.”

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