Yikes: Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Novel Sold a Paltry 13,000 Copies

Emily Kanoff

Models and hair extension aficionados they may be, but successful authors they decidedly are not. Radar Online has obtained data from Nielsen BookScan that suggests Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s dystopian novel has sold a paltry 13,000 copies since going on sale in June. 13,000! That’s like .000001% of their combined social media following!

In comparison, Snooki, Nicole Richie and Demi Lovato are all New York Times bestsellers, and Kate Gosselin doubled the Jenner girls’ sales in the same approximate time frame.

Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner did not write rebels indra maya sloan ghostwriter

You may remember rolling your eyes back in June 2012 when the Jenner girls announced that they were “writing” a book, and again when it was revealed last winter that it would be a YA novel. So out came Rebels: City of Indra, with help from ghostwriter Maya Sloan (and by “help” we mean Sloan wrote the whole thing.)

Essentially a sci-fi novel about two girls navigating their way through a thrilling dystopian adventure. But while some of the most popular books today are also thrilling dystopian adventure stories (The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and Divergent, for example), Rebels somehow didn’t manage to make a splash among YA readers. Or any readers, for that matter.

In case you’re wondering how they came up with the idea for the novel, Gawker reminded us today that when the girls were promoting it on “Good Morning America,” they explained their process as such: “We were saying, if we were to do a movie, like, what would we wanna do? Like, if we were to be in it, like, what movie would we wanna be in?”

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So what gives—Is it their reality background that’s to blame? Is it that the book was ghostwritten? Is it the fact that their fan base are more focused on their phones than on books? Is it Kylie’s lips? Judging from these terrible reviews, wethinks the book is just plain ol’ bad.

Keep your heads up, girls. You’ll get ’em next time.