Yes, Looks Do Matter


Susan Boyle, the Scottish contestant who wowed audiences on Britain’s Got Talent and became an overnight YouTube sensation, proved this superficial but honest belief. Now the dowdy 47-year-old is getting a makeover a la Clay Aiken. She was seen this week in a body-hugging wrap dress, leather jacket and leopard heels. Boyle has shaped her eyebrows and tamed her frizzy gray hair, making her look 10 years younger than the woman we first saw gyrate her hips to a laughing audience.

But will her new image actually hurt her chances of winning the reality show? Simon Cowell warned Boyle not to become another gimmick and said too much of a change could actually deter voters who fell in love with her unassuming nature and melodic voice. Sure the shock of Boyle’s powerful voice wrapped in her fashion faux pas and naivety is what drew audiences from around the world, but after all of those years of being judged and snickered at because of her appearance, doesn’t she deserve a makeover?

The only one thing better than seeing a humble woman achieve her dream is seeing a humble woman achieve her dream and look good doing it. What do you think?