Epic Time-Waster: This Site Takes Kanye Quotes and Makes Them New Year’s Resolutions

Meghan Blalock

Happy New Yeezy! Some creative genius got the brilliant idea to build a website that converts things Kanye West actually said—either in interviews or in his songs—into new year’s resolutions. It’s called New Yeezy Resolutions, and it is awesome.

new yeezy resolutions

Bonus: in a style Kanye himself would appreciate, the site is extremely easy to use: Go to NewYeezyResolutions.com and simply enjoy. Keep clicking “New Resolution” for hours of fun, including such gems as “In 2014, I will be Shakespeare in the flesh,” and, “In 2014, when I wake up, it will be philanthropy.” (Whatever the hell that means.)

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While we’re still prone to the belief that Please Help Me Beyoncé is the better of the two sites, there’s no denying that New Yeezy Resolutions gives it a fair run for its money.

And we can thank the Internet for the birth of these pop culture phenomena, both of which adhere to the zeitgeist-y trend of taking the work of famous people and twisting it into something hilariously time-wasting. And we love it!

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Head to New Yeezy Resolutions to get started wasting time while simultaneously educating yourself of some of the best lines to escape the mouth of one Kanye West.