Year Of The Rabbit: Your Full Guide To The Chinese New Year!

Year Of The Rabbit: Your Full Guide To The Chinese New Year!
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Today marks the first day of Chinese New Year 4709, the year of the rabbit. And since I was born in 1987, that means it’s my year y’all! For those of you who don’t know the first thing about the Chinese Zodiac, I’m hear to break it down for you.

The first thing you should know is that the Chinese lunisolar calendar works in 12-year cycles, with a designated animal for each year. Math geniuses, that means there are 12 possible Chinese animal zodiacs, determined by your birth year. Use the calendar below to figure out your animal, and click through the slideshow above to find out what the year of the rabbit has in store for you.

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Rabbits are considered very honorable people. Because of this, they are usually surrounded by lots of loved ones and a loyal group of friends. They are diplomatic, charitable and sensitive by nature, all of which make rabbits so well-liked. But these characteristics can also lead to trouble, like being taken advantage of. Style and creativity are also important to rabbits.

Rats are intelligent and ambitious, so they will stop at almost nothing to get ahead and achieve their goals.  Stubborn and agressive in nature, rats have a hard time building long-term relationships.

The Ox is confident and inspires confidence in others. They make the best of friends because of their patience and loyalty. At the same time, an ox can have quite the stubborn streak.

A born leader, the tiger is definitely not a follower. Tigers don't usually think before they act, resulting in sometimes rash and hasty decisions. They usually have a big circle of friends, despite their hot-tempered nature. 

Dragons are the people your turn to in a crisis. There aren't many situation a dragon can't face and come out of stronger. This may be due to their hot temper or strong backbone. Either way, the dragon is one of the strongest Chinese animals.

You can call the snake the bookworm of the Chinese zodiac signs. The snake is careful with financial decisions and relationships. They can also have a sneaky streak, so you don't always know what a snake is really up to.

The popular guy/girl, the horse is usually the center of attention. This could be due to a number of traits, like their good looks, energy, intelligence or overall confidence.

A sheep will always put others first. Because of this, they have very strong familial bonds and friendships. They are shy and sensitive, which also makes them worriers. 

Just call them the life of the party! Monkeys are the people who have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' about them. They're well-liked because of their charisma and charm. Monkeys can also be very clever, making them quite persuasive.

Roosters hold themselves to high, sometimes impossible, standards. For this reason, they take failure very personally and harshly. You can always know how a rooster feels because they are very honest and forthright by nature.

These are the people you always want to be around. They're optimistic, always seeing the best in people and the bright side of every situation. On the negative side, dogs can be quite stubborn, rarely admitting their faults.

Pigs often have more confidence in others than they do in themselves. As a friend, a pig will always stand by your side. But their tustworthiness also makes it easy for pigs to be taken advantage of.

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