Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Tool Headline Saturday Night at Lollapalooza


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs filled in for the Beastie Boys as a headliner this Saturday at Lollapalooza. As expected, Karen O donned a ridiculous costume complete with a headdress of leather gloves– perhaps inspired by this last season’s D&G show’s nouveau accessories?In all her beautiful energy, Karen O smiled and gave the crowd the prestigious title of “Best Crowd Ever.” (I hope this is one of those, “I tell all my kids they’re my favorite” situations or else I have very hurt feelings. Whimper.)

However insane of a performer Karen O is, she remained absolutely endearing to the crowd as she forgot the words to “Maps” and her laughter cued the audience to take the mic.

Meanwhile, on the Chicago 2016 stage, Tool headlined before the biggest crowd at Lollapalooza. Similar to the performance at All Points West, the band began behind the scrim leaving only Maynard‘s distinct silhouette to writhe on a drum riser before the audience. Along the side screens, Tool videos played in place of magnified Tool members. While fanatic cheering erupted at even the opening notes of each songs, Maynard kept the hysterical energy high and spoke little in between songs.

In all, Tool gave an enthusiastic performance that indulged the riled crowd and welcomed them into aggressive sing-a-long party.

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