The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Perform on the Blue Comet Stage at All Points West


I like that after releasing “Zero” as the first single off their latest album, “It’s Blitz!” the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were slammed for betraying their hard rocking ways. Blogs and magazines questioned whether or not the trio had gotten soft. Like… guys. C’mon. This is Karen O. Not Cher on her like eighth comeback tour trying to prove she’s, “still got it!”

Recently taking a little criticizing heat for their bold step into the realm of pop dance music, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing to Blue Comet stage at All Points West, proving they are a reason to suffer through this monsoon.

(For the record, prematurely screaming for a band is the modern day equivalent of screaming fire in a theater.) Karen O bursts out dressed like a bat ninja and may or may not have stolen M.I.A.’s leggings and sneakers. More notably however is her, “Get Well MCA” arm band that looks like it was made with white medical tape and hand written–a touching gesture to Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. The rest of the band sports a more demure color palette of navy and black. When Karen O. finally rocks her now famous bedazzled leather jacket, eyes literally popped out and off the stage– giant inflatable eye balls that wilted after about three fist pumps. Wah.

As she does her favorite dance move (the pony step) around the stage, Karen O does not miss a beat as she sings and dances. The band goes quiet for a minute as Karen dedicates, “Summer Love” to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ family, loved ones, and MCA. Her voice quivers as if she has so much love that she will actually cry if she doesn’t unleash with her brilliant smile. Kind of like the guy from American Beauty.

I am disappointed however that Karen O. did not spew beer into my face from the stage. Soooo 8:30PM: The time All Points West was officially ruined.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will continue their summer tour and are replacing The Beastie Boys as the headliners for Lollapalooza on August 8th. Their album It’s Blitz! is available now.


photo: Andrew Katzowitz