Yankees Pep Rally: 5 More Stylish Ways to Support Your Team


As the Yankees and Phillies enter game one of the World Series tonight, you will most likely find yourself in a position in the next week where you are surrounded by crazed baseball fans–and if you’re like us, living in NYC, those fans will probably be rooting for the Yankees. To celebrate the coming game tonight, Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosted a pep rally in Times Square today to get people in the good old Yanks spirit. You yourself may very likely be one of them, but for those who are not, here are a few tips on surviving the next week without a) sacrificing your style dignity b) sounding like an idiot, c) losing your mental health and sanity, d) getting hot dogs thrown at you or e) all of the above. Read on for five tips on how to keep it cool during the upcoming week:


1. If you’ve never watched a Yankees game before or aren’t hardcore enough to own your own gear, you’ll need some kind of logoed-out paraphernalia if you plan on ending the night without being mistaken for a traitor (read: hotdog/ketchup/you get the point in face). But if you plan on still looking cute (maybe your first Yankees experience is also a first date? We hope not) then you really have only one option (see above). Yes, the plain navy blue logo hat is really the only piece of Yankees gear that will show your spirit without looking cheesy, disgusting, unflattering, (insert more negative adjectives here). Simplicity here is key. Yankees logo hat, $20, at amazon.com.


2. A week straight of World Series viewing parties and bar visits can add quite the spare tire around your belly if you’re not careful to watch your beer consumption. So hold on the Bud Heavys and ask your bartender if they sell bottles of Miller Genuine Draft (only 64 calories) or Budweiser Select 55 (55 calories). If that’s not an option, ask for Miller Lite, regular Budweiser Select, or Amstel Light as secondary choices. If you’re opting for an at-home viewing or visiting a friend’s place for the game, bring the low-cal options to share with the crowd–the host or hostess will be thankful that you contributed to the booze stash.


3. Okay, we may have lied about #1. This t-shirt is one other acceptable way to show your Yankee pride–it’s simple with bold, plain logos, and navy blue, which is a flattering color on most. Just make sure when purchasing that you buy in the right size. No Yankees tee is sexy with a little pooch hanging out over the pants; and if you’re swimming in it, that’s no good either. Just be sensible, people. Get your tee for $16.99, at paragonsports.com.

4. If you won’t be watching any games from your very own seat in Yankee Stadium, we suggest picking location wisely in order to avoid getting trampled by crazy Yankees fans, angry Phillies fans, or really big guys with beer guts who didn’t take the advice of previously stated tip #2. No matter what city you reside in, your best bet is to scope out bars that have ample seating, and are slightly off the beaten path (to avoid overcrowding). Try a restaurant with television sets instead of your typical sports bar–there are likely to be more comfortable seats, and a healthier selection of food for you to munch while you sit through hours of innings.

5. If you haven’t been following the MLB season, it’s best that you brush up on some facts before jumping head first into any social settings involving jersey-clad fans this week. We suggest visiting Dailytailgate.com or Rumors and Rants for a quick lesson in MLB 101.