Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has a Soda Shop In Her Backyard

Leah Bourne

Backyard-soda-shopIt is apparently very good to be Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer (one of the highest paid CEOs in the world). Vogue profiled Mayer in its latest issue, shooting her in her Palo Alto home, which is nothing short of spectacular. The magazine said of her interiors style: “Her taste runs to the brightly colored and lighthearted—’happy art,’ she calls it—like the plate-mounted Jeff Koons balloon dogs in her airy kitchen and the Roy Lichtenstein print in the front hall of her cheerful, comfortable, but not especially grand Craftsman-style house. In the dining room, an entire wall is covered with purple-and-gold marquees that Mayer and Bogue had made for the tabletops at their wedding, printed with words representing their favorite things. These include on her side PEPPERMINT, COLORS, PARIS, and ETRO.”
The best feature of her home though, as far as we are considered, is the “two-story, miniaturized model of Palo Alto’s Peninsula Creamery, a local diner where Stanford students go for milk shakes” that was dropped in her yard by forklift. Mayer bought the playhouse at a benefit auction for $33,000 for their son, Macallister, who turns one next month. So apparently if you are Mayer’s son you get your very own ice cream store at your disposal! It must be nice.
Take a look at the photos and let us know what you think!

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