5 Gifts To Get The 2000s-Obsessed Person In Your Life—Von Dutch Hats & Juicy Tracksuits Included

5 Gifts To Get The 2000s-Obsessed Person In Your Life—Von Dutch Hats & Juicy Tracksuits Included
Photo: Courtesy of Bohoo, Urban Outfitters. Image: Adobe Stock.

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When the 2000s were happening the first time around (we’re currently in a ’00s revival period, duh), I was just a bit too young to participate in all of the hot girl trends that defined the era. You know what I’m talking about: ultra-low rise jeans, absurd oversized trucker hats and mini graphic tees with suggestive writing on them. It may have taken me 20 years, but I finally understand why my mother refused to buy 10-year-old me a t-shirt that read, “coffee, tea, or me?” with a clip-art photo of a tea cup on it—although I was truly devastated by this at the time.

If you know someone in your life who’s particularly early-aughts obsessed, though, that nostalgic feeling is the perfect place to pull from when shopping last-minute gifts. Whether you want to grab something for your bestie who loves rocking babydoll tees and velour tracksuits, or just want to bond with your sister over the fact that you actually lived through these trends the first time around and made it out alive, these gifts are thoughtful, cute, and are guaranteed to make the recipient laugh.

And—the best part—they’ll arrive before the holiday, so all of you last-minute shoppers are covered.

Juicy Couture Tracksuit.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

A Mother Freakin’ Juicy Sweatsuit

If only I had the funds and the butt to rock this in 2003!!! Celebrate the fact that you and your bestie are grown and gift her this Juicy x Urban Outfitters collab sweatsuit and get one for yourself. I am absolutely obsessed and will be showing up at home for the Christmas holidays rocking mine and will not be accepting questions or comments from my high school friends as I do it.

Heart Disc Chain Necklace

Courtesy of Ice Carats.

That Heart Shaped Necklace

Okay, the fact that this is an exact replica from the 2000s Tiffany necklace that had 2000s teens ready to give up their first born for one is sending me. And the fact that it’s real silver and engraveable makes it all the more better.. Imagine gifting this to your sister to open on Christmas morning so you can both turn to your mom after and yell at her for never buying you one in 2002. Cue the heartwarming nostalgia.


Courtesy: Amazon

Sunglasses Straight From A J.Lo Music Video

Literally what was wrong with us in the early 2000s? For your babe who’s top song of 2021 was “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” dress her up like J.Lo herself with these barely-tinted shades
. The early aughts were all about the vibe, okay? Not the UV protection.

Screen Shot 2021 12 15 at 2.44.02 PM 5 Gifts To Get The 2000s Obsessed Person In Your Life—Von Dutch Hats & Juicy Tracksuits Included

Courtesy: Boohoo

A Bratz Jean Jacket

If you were a girl with a passion for fashion (get it?) in 2003, revive your inner superstar with this Bratz jacket. Every girl who had more Bratz dolls than Barbies was definitely the coolest girl at school, and you can pay homage to this ahead-of-their time doll group with this oversized denim shacket.

Von Dutch hat

Courtesy of Amazon.

A Von Dutch Hat

This trucker hat nods at the great Von Dutch era of 2000’s past. Can you believe it’s only $19? That doesn’t seem like such an insane price, which makes me wonder what they went for back then and why my mom refused to buy me one… I can neither confirm nor deny if this is an authentic Von Dutch or a knockoff, but who cares? It’s only $19 and will be worth it after all the Instagram content you’ll gain from it.