Wumps: The Genuine Hipsters


There was a time when the word, “hipster” carried a positive connotation. Manhattaners had a mental checklist to verify the degree of “hipster”:

1. Plaid? Check. (Bonus points if it’s flannel plaid. In summer. With black skinny leg jeans.)
2. Emaciated? Check.
3. Either at one end of the extremes: Marlboro Reds chain smoker OR vegan? Marlboro Lights? Oh, so close.
4. Eclectic selection of unheard bands? Might want to toss out that Of Montreal album
5. A profession in the arts or media? Check.

Suddenly, being called a hipster went from an envious compliment to a negative jab to the ego. As the viral video “Hipster Olympics” racks up views on You Tube, the term “hipster” suddenly became a condescending jab to the ego. Hipsters were suddenly all the “poser” Williamsburg studio renters who still received regular checks from their parents to shop at Marc Jacobs and Whole Foods. Being a hipster was no longer about breaking convention but about breaking convention so those “non-hipsters” would take note of your non-conformity.

So, what now? What about those people who are just doing what they love to do? Dance in public. Eat vegan cookies. Listen to vinyl. They’re not hipsters anymore. They’re wumps.

Wump [wuhmp] – noun 1. A person who is comfortable with themselves but in turn unintentionally breaks down social norms by pursuing their interests and passions whole heartedly. 2. A person who appears to be hipster but is merely existing: She loved antique cigarette holders even though she didn’t smoke; what a wump!

What do you think? Are wumps the new hipsters? Will hipsters evolve into wumps?