America's favorite blogster Tavi Gevinson gets a 60s-inspired makeover thanks to L.A. label Wren for their latest fashion film.

Wren Warns Us To Beware Of Young Girls, Especially Tavi, In New Fashion Film

Susie G

A girl playing guitar. Check. Sixties-like styling, old typewriters, telephones and a cool vintage-y filter for the camera lens. Duly noted.

Sounds like the perfect storm for a “cool” video, right?

Los Angeles based fashion label Wren has managed to wrangle up these painstakingly obvious “in” ingredients for their latest fashion flick, called Beware of Young Girls, featuring America’s favorite alterna-teen fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson.

Directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker, the short video was inspired by a song written by the former Dori Previn, where we get to see and hear Tavi perform a snippet of said song while dolled up with bleach-blonde hair, hefty eyeliner and suitcases full of items from Wren’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

For Tavi to be styled like a character in Hairspray (I’m referring of course to the original John Waters version from 1988, before it turned into a Broadway show and then awkwardly back into a movie again in 2007), like one of those gals you’d see dancing on the Corny Collins Dance Show, is actually not that bad of a look for this coming-of-age lady.

Gone are the days of Granny-like silver hair with matching old lady glasses, and her quirky pieces of head flair (oh, and those ballsy outfits, even for her age). My kudos would then definitely have to go to Leith Clark who not-too-shabbily styled Miss Tavi for the film.

Check out Tavi’s new ‘do, duds and deadly serious eye-stare for yourself in the Wren F/W ’12 film down below, and let us know how much you’re digging or not digging her new style-makeover by leaving a comment underneath.

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