Would You Wear Heels Adorned With Your Fave Team’s Logo?

Liz Doupnik

There’s something to be said for the crazy team spirit New York Yankees fans possess. Die hard doesn’t even begin to describe the incredible lengths that these fans will go too — whether it’s a brawl, calling into work sick for home games or tattooing the logo onto their arm, that’s just the tip of the Yankee iceberg.

All of that hoopla seems rather normal to us when considering the territory. But when we stumbled upon these kicks over the weekend we really thought we’d seen it all. For the girly girl who refuses to leave her heels at home even for a grungy baseball stadium, her prayers have been answered.

Enter the Yankee pump. These guys are affordable at a mere $99, which will easily get you through a season. We really can’t make up our minds on these shoes though — would you wear them? (And just in case you were wondering, the heels are also offered for the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants and Tampa Bay Rays).

Answer the poll below and tell us if you think these pumps are killer or should be banned from every stadium across the country.

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