Would You Do A Shoe Fast? (Not In New York, Folks)

Summer K

Let’s be clear. We’re all about giving back to the community. In fact, we admire companies like our good friends Warby Parker who use their “pay it forward” strategy to help others in need. But when it comes to baring our non-manicured feet on the dirty streets of the Big Apple for all to see…well, we may have to draw the line on this one.

TOMS (another great philanthropic brand) is raising the bar again on April 10th to help remind people why their “buy a pair of shoes, give a pair of shoes” mission is so important to those living in poverty. The company is asking its fans to commit to their annual “One Day Without Shoes” event by going barefoot for the day. And while Essie is joining forces with them to offer a special edition nail polish free to those participating, we’re a bit squeamish about jumping on board this year for several reasons:

1. In New York City, we’re not comfortable putting our bag on the subway floor, let alone allowing our bare feet touch the ground. We don’t know what germs are lurking on the pavement and we’re not about to find out.

2. We haven’t had a pedicure in two months and don’t want scare small children.

3. Feet are ugly (see #2). It’s bad enough we have to look at our own — now you want to expose us to other people’s?

4. Our office dress code is pretty lax, but we’re betting it probably wouldn’t go over really well if our “barefooted statement” was observed by clients, investors or the random celebrities that sometimes stop by.

That’s not to say YOU shouldn’t do it. After all, if you happen to work from home or as a yoga instructor, lifeguard, artist, OR nanny this might fly. But if you spend your days in an office, restaurant, school, hospital or maybe walking dogs? We say just buy a pair of TOMS and know your money is going to a good cause.