The Workout of Victoria’s Secret Models: Training with Brett Hoebel


Clad in a pink and black Lululemon getup, I made my way over to Peak Performance, the gym from which Brett Hoebel, trainer to the stars and creator of the RevABS workout DVDs, works his magic. The 15-year fitness and nutrition expert has worked wonders on the bodies of Victoria’s Secret models Doutzen Kroes and Karolina Kurkova, television personality Veronica Webb, and actresses Emmy Rossum and America Ferrera. While no red carpet lays in my future, I was pumped (pun intended) to undergo the RevABS experience.

After approving of my breakfast of egg whites and fruit, Brett gave me a little goody bag of his nutrition staples. Such a kit includes: Yerba Mate Tea (boosts energy, promotes weight loss), an Emergen-C packet for your water (to replenish electrolytes due to fluid loss), Fish Oils (Omega 3¹s! Fish oil has also been proven to aid in weight loss), and a no sugar Think Thin Bar (Chunky Peanut Butter Flavor).

Brett’s Body-Mind-Spirit approach expands past nutrition and into the workout. He combines Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that incorporates elements of martial arts and dance with the four aforementioned ab workouts as well as cardio and strength training. The cardio is in the form of intervals, anaerobic activities which are responsible for burning fat and the muscle built from the strength training will speed up your metabolism.

RevABS is the abcentric program that is taking the fitness world by storm. The RevABS DVDs are “abcentric,” a term Brett came up with which refers to the firing of your abs by exhaling to contract the abs with every move. On the RevABS program, you will do a series of four workouts, 4-5 times a week for 90 days. Included with the DVDs is an extensive nutrition guide which details what to eat for the duration of the 90 days.

The four workouts performed in the DVDs (3 of which I completed) are: the strength training circuit, power intervals, ab intervals, and abs only. Brett blasted music and we started the strength training circuit with ginga and decida basica, two Capoeira moves involving lunges which got my heart pumping and left me wondering why I decided to wear makeup. We then moved to squats with an overhead press followed by push-ups. Brett focuses on compound movements to get the job done faster.

The workout that I completed is the same one that you will get following the DVDs. Power intervals intended to get my heart beating faster, were next. We started with a move he calls “cheerleader” and then proceeded to do a squat/jump combination. Brett had me repeat the RevABS anthem (“Rev it high, Rev it low, I’m strong, committed and ready to go.”) and when I couldn’t muster enough breath to get past “rev it high,” he had me do another two sets.

The final workout we did was abs only and targeted six ab angles: flexion, lower flexion, double flexion, side flexion, twist (obliques), and extension. No crunches? Brett stresses that crunches alone will not get you to your goal, and his workout is a reflection of this with strength, cardio, and ab strengthening components.

To use Brett’s system in your workouts, he gave us his most important training tips:

1. NUTRITION! Cut out the caffeine and alcohol (or at least limit it), limit your intake of the “white devils” (white flour, sugar, bread). PUT DOWN THE SKINNY LATTE.

2. If you can’t do a full push-up, use a raised platform (such as a body bar on a squat rack) and continue lowering the bar until you could do a full one.

3. Always perform a talk test to ensure that you¹re working hard enough. If you could easily have a full conversation, work harder!

4. Get out of the mindset that more time at the gym equals better results. On the contrary, a shorter workout with more defined movements is much more effective.

5. Focus on compound movements that target multiple muscles at once (such as the squat/press).

Brett’s motivational training approach powered me through three sets of the circuit and left me feeling amazing. Having worked up a nice sweat, I continued on with my day with my endorphins flying and the inspiration to do it all over again tomorrow.

If you want to experience this workout for yourself, Brett Hoebel’s Revabs DVDs are available here!