Working Girl


One of the best things about working in fashion is that you can wear whatever your heart desires to the office. Fashion is all about self-expression, taste, freshness–being on trend isn’t only encouraged, it’s practically required. So that whole worrying-about-which-dull-brown-pantsuit-to-wear-to-the-office thing is pretty much nonexistent. So while I admit that it must be nice to save lives for a living, have a law degree hanging austerely in your 500 square foot office, or make enough in annual salary to finance a country home AND a yacht, I’ll take style freedom over all that any day. Or, er, most days, at least.

This coveted-by-lawyers-and-bankers-everywhere “style freedom” applies to all areas of dress, including accessories. So, when I came across this bright pink Luella business card holder, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. It epitomizes all that’s great about working in fashion–it’s bright and cheeky, light and humorous. It’s not one of those ubiquitous boring black leather holders that every person in New York seems to carry. It’s different and new–that’s what true style is all about.

And after all, I need something fab to carry around all those new StyleCaster business cards.

Luella card holder, $110, at