Women Spend More Money After a Break-Up: Study

Leah Bourne
1074286711 Women Spend More Money After a Break Up: Study

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It’s pretty much common sense that how much you spend while shopping can often be directly correlated to what kind of a mood you’re in, and a new study commissioned by cashback site Quidco.com basically confirms that. The study of 2,000 women found that on a post-split shopping trip, women spend an average $72 on new clothes, shoes or accessories—more than when they’re shopping to cheer themselves up for other reasons.

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Women shopping directly after they have been paid spend an average of $66, an average of $47 while shopping when bored, and $44 after getting into an argument or fight. Women who shop after a bad day at work, meanwhile, spend an average of $42, according to the study.

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Managing Director of Quidco.com, Andy Oldham, told The Daily Mail: “Shopping has often been called retail therapy, and for many, it seems that’s still the case. Some moods and experiences can have more of an effect on how much you spend, and it looks like women are more willing to part with their cash after breaking up with someone…But women need to be careful not to overspend just because they aren’t particularly happy because they may end up regretting it the next day.”

Interestingly, many women seem to be all too aware of their tendency to over shop when they are in a bad mood. The study found that 56 percent of women avoid shopping when they aren’t in a great place knowing that they will spend more than they want to. On the other hand, 53 percent said that they seek out shopping (whether online or in retail stores) if they need to cheer themselves up.

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