Half of Women Lie to Men About How Much They Spend on Shoes: Survey

Meghan Blalock

It’s long been known that women aren’t always entirely honest when it comes to their spending habits, regularly fibbing to their husbands and significant others about just how much they’ve spent on their wardrobes. And a new survey conducted by ShoeBuy.com confirms what has long been expected: many women straight-up lie to men when it comes to their shoe purchases.

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According to a survey of 1,000 women conducted this April, one out of every two women (yes, half) are willing to lie to their significant others about the price they paid for a new pair of shoes or other accessory. Additionally, 20% of women surveyed admitted to being “more turned on” by a new pair of shoes than by their romantic partners. Yikes!

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Additionally, and perhaps less surprisingly, 25% of women refuse to remove their shoes no matter how painful they are. No surprise there, except perhaps that the number is so low. Check out more fascinating shoe stats in the infographic below!

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Shoebuy.com Survey Infographic-Final women men shoes 2