Guys Who Smoke and Drink Are Exceptionally Attractive to Women, Research Finds

study men who drink and smoke

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At some point, most women have felt a mystifying attraction toward a dude who is, quite simply, the worst, and now researchers have proven that this pull toward bad boys is more than just an unfortunate lapse in judgement—it’s a scientifically proven fact.

A new research paper published in Evolutionary Psychology looks at whether the whole bad-boy look is actually a “short-term mating strategy” used by young men, and found that guys who appear “risky” are actually more sexually appealing to women. Specifically, males who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol are the ones we find so irresistible. Go figure.

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To reach this finding, researchers quizzed 239 Belgian women between the ages of 17 and 30, asking them to read short profiles on men and then rate the guys’ suitability as a potential partner.

There’s one small saving grace, though: According to researcher Eveline Vincke, the men who smoked and drank a lot were seen as more attractive to women on a short-term basis. So it doesn’t matter how many wild dudes you hook up with, you probably won’t end up wanting to marry them.

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