Women Are Using Sex as a Cheap Way To Burn Calories


The concept of sexercising is nothing new. I’m all for non-tradition, fun, new ways to fit exercise in, but the fact that women are actually using sex to replace expensive gym memberships seems a little ridiculous to me. But according to reports in today’s Dailymail, a mixture of credit card debt and expensive memberships are causing women to use sex as a cheap alternative.

While sex should not necessarily replace other forms of cardio, author Kerry McCloskey explains,” A half-hour session of lovemaking will burn about 150 to 250 calories, and even up to 350 calories, depending on just how active you are.” To be honest, that’s not too far off from how much you burn on a three-mile run on the treadmill, so maybe it’s not so ridiculous after all.

And lest you think this is just some silly study, medical professionals and the government are all for the sexercise phenomenon, with the NHS Direct website claiming, “sexercise can lower the risk of heart attacks and help people live longer.” The survey found that 76 per cent of women will find a way to have sex, even when they’re exhausted, as a way to burn calories at the end of a long day. How romantic!

What are your thoughts on the trend are you ready to jump on the sexercise bandwagon?