Size-10 Woman Calls H&M’s Sizing ‘Crap’ After She’s Unable to Fit into a Size-12 Dress

Size-10 Woman Calls H&M’s Sizing ‘Crap’ After She’s Unable to Fit into a Size-12 Dress
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H&M is in hot water again for its unpredictable and often incorrect sizes. Recently, the fashion retailer was slammed by a size-10 shopper who called the store’s sizes “crap” after she was unable to fit into a size-12 dress.

Claire—a woman who goes by the Instagram handle, @the_twins_and_i—called out H&M after she was forced to return 10 dresses she ordered online, none of which fit. To prove her point, Claire, who is a size 14 (the U.S. equivalent is a size 10) posted a photo of her trying on a size-16 dress (a size 12 in the U.S.), which she said fit “more like a top than a dress.” The picture showed the dress bunching at her waist, instead of draping above her knees, like H&M’s online model.

“Are they having a bloody laugh??” Claire wrote. “This is a size 16, a bloody 16!! I got the bigger size because @hm sizing is crap, one minute I need a small and the next a 18.”

Claire, who suggested that H&M isn’t the only store known for its unpredictable sizes, went on to rant about how her orders fit completely differently than the models online.

“Why can’t shops sort out their sizing? How is this a 16? I’m a 14, I couldn’t do it, actually I just couldn’t get it on full stop!,” she wrote. “It was so short, more like a top than a dress. Why? I have taken back probably 10 dresses this week, all badly bad, awful sizing and not at all what they looked like online 😬. I give up.”

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After posting her Instagram, several other shoppers chimed in with their negative H&M experiences. Many users echoed the same sentiments, claiming that they need to go up a couple sizes to fit into its clothes. Some customers even found that select pieces fit smaller than usual, while others fit larger.

“I can echo your sentiments here. I’m a 14 and the 18 in H&M rarely fits,” one person wrote.

“H&M sizing is shocking. I’m a 12 everywhere else but I often have to order 16 trousers,” another added. “I need size 14 dresses for the boobage (fair enough), but a while ago I got a size 10 skirt and jumper.”

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As of yet, H&M hasn’t commented on the criticism. Though, we hope the store sorts out its sizing ASAP because it’s super annoying to not know what’s going to fit when you order something online or walk into the mall.