The WNBA’s Swin Cash Shares Her Stylish Travel Journal

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The WNBA’s Swin Cash Shares Her Stylish Travel Journal
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Sporty girls like fashion too, and WNBA veteran and Olympic gold medalist Swin Cash is no exception. During her off season here in the States, Swin heads off to China to play for an international team. Of course cultural barriers aside, it’s not easy for this leggy lady to find shoes, let alone some chic threads to fit her big city aesthetic OR her tall bod.

Today we’re embarking on the first of many travel journals from this awesomely talented athlete. Check out what Swin has to say then peruse her personal pics in the slideshow above. (Hmm, is it just us, or does Walmart look REALLY surreal compared to our local Jersey one?!?)

One of my favorite quotes is ” to whom much is given, much is required.” I remember first hearing it as a young girl growing up in my hometown of McKeesport, Pennsylvania. At the time my family didn’t have much in the way of material things, but we had love, hope and a strong work ethic. These values have helped mold me into the woman I am today; a gold medalist, WNBA champion and all-star, University of Connecticut graduate, philanthropist and a world traveler.

I’ve had the privilege to play professionally in Dongguan, China the past three years during my “off-season” from the WNBA. Unlike our brother counterparts in the NBA, most WNBA players spend most of their “off-season” playing internationally, which can be an amazing experience. (Hey those Gucci pumps can’t buy themselves!) Yes ladies, traveling has its ups and downs, but nothing beats finding a great bag that you know they don’t sell back home in the States.

I’m blessed and love what I do, but I’m pretty much just like you. Don’t let the Nikes fool you. Well I do have a few challenges. I mean, I’m 6’1 with a 36 inseam and a size 12 shoe. My brother has bigger hips than me which means when I find a great pair of jeans that fit I want them in every wash. Every time one of my girlfriends has a fit about the shoe store not having her size, I want to pop her in the back of the head with my purse!

My shopping experiences here in China and Hong Kong have provided me with most of my entertainment. At times I’ve literally said out loud, “Am I getting punk’d?” I play in the southern part of China in a small town called Tangxia in Dongguan where the average temperature is 73 degrees. Dongguan’s population is around 8.2 million people and it also has one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Another cool fact about Dongguan is that it’s home to some of the largest clothing factories in the world, which means I’m sure some of you are wearing clothing from here.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you — BTW, don’t be afraid to comment. I read everything you write and would love to interact with you. Most people only know me as Swin Cash the basketball player and I hope over the next few months you’ll get to know the fashion-loving, charity-obsessed girl I really am. (FYI: You can learn more about my charity, Cash for Kids on my official website.)

Hi I’m Swintayla Cash and this is who I am. (P.S. you can just call me Swin. No one ever pronounces my full name right anyway!)

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