Wiz Khalifa Put A Ring On It: Amber Rose Is Engaged!

Spencer Cain

Three months ago, Amber Rose told us exclusively that she had big plans ahead:”Acting, making music, getting married, being with Wiz on a tour bus with a bunch of babies,” she said. “I even want to write a romance novel. There’s nothing I’m not afraid to try.” I guess she’s accomplishing one of these dreams quicker than we thought! She was more than happy to talk about her future wedding plans back in November (a small island ceremony with close friends and family was tops on her list…if and when her better half popped the question).

Today her adorable boyfriend, rap star Wiz Khalifa, took to Twitter to share the news that they were engaged. You can check out the rock above. Seriously, Kim Kardashian can eat her heart out: this is the real f*cking deal.

Wiz and Amber are actually an adorable couple and we here at StyleCaster couldn’t be happier for them. We’re so glad we got an opportunity to meet them both when she posed for us. (And I know this probably isn’t what my first thought should be, but HOW is Kanye taking the news?!)

Take a look back at our shoot with Amber here!