Wintour Set to Host September Issue Premiere


Dead eyes, icy voice: “By all means…move at a glacial pace.” That just about sums up how we feel about how long it’s freaking taking for the Vogue documentary The September Issue to hit theaters. We understand the convenience of it premiering around when the actual September Issue comes out…but still. We savor any tidbit of information we can get.

This is why our jaws hit the floor and our Prada-loving hearts started pounding when Fashion Week Daily announced that Anna Wintour herself would be hosting the premiere on August 19. This comes as surprising but honorable news after the rumors of her intense dislike for the documentary. (We wonder if Ginger Grace Coddington will make an appearance, having loathed every second of taping.) Ahh, what will she wear? Or better yet, what will Bee wear?

While we wait for further September Issue goss, fetch us a double nonfat extra-hot latte, no foam. Like…five minutes ago.